Miraculous - Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Fan Forge

Fly Away, petit papillon!

by Isabelle Melancon.

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Teto Kasane 309 days ago Reply

I need this shirt

rurounialchemist25 334 days ago Reply

I wasn't even wanting a new shirt (I have a bit too many as is!)

rurounialchemist25 334 days ago

(Sorry, accidentally hit enter too early) But as I was saying, this shirt is just too good! I can't help but want it! PLEASE LET ME BUY THIS, IT IS BEAUTIFUL.

Eve M 335 days ago Reply

I LOVE your style and composition with these submissions. A critique, however, is that ladybug is tilted in an asymmetrical way from the rest of the design that's unappealing, and the gray background is mildly distracting. I still love the piece, and the background on black looks better than the one you did on blue, but it's just my opinion that this would look way more appealing without it.

HenGaka 342 days ago Reply

Beautiful. Not a fan of the background addition though.

Threnodi 342 days ago Reply

Love the look of this one, the composition, expressions, and the subtle charcoal background element.

Kathryn 343 days ago Reply

I NEED this shirt. NEED - I adore this artist and the balance of this design!!!

anekupr 344 days ago Reply

This is so amazing! I love how well the whole design meshes the concepts of both heroes! The flow of Ladybug's yoyo and Chat's baton match so well and I just adore how well their poses and line-art go together too, Chat's tail looping around his feet, his mysterious look from behind and Lady's hair-bows billowing out. It's a really nice balance of both of them and the butterfly-moth motif is a nice touch. Just too amazing for words. Would definitely buy this!

Isabelle Melancon 344 days ago

Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

Flowerpower Six 345 days ago Reply

I want this