Spider-Verse Design Contest

Torn Spider-Verse

by pixelsuperhero.

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pixelsuperhero 2 years ago Reply

Might end up making it myself for Comic Con appearances, so look out for it :)

Rob Hicks 254 days ago

Been looking for you. Saw your stuff at Comic-con in SLC and loved it. Took your card, but lost it in the shuffle. please contact me via the email listed at midnightcampaign.com, or byFacebook. I may have contract work for you.

ossik osskisskissk 2 years ago Reply

Perf! Love it

CmrdSparkyvic 2 years ago Reply

I love this so much!!!!!

Dart 2 years ago Reply

Love it!

I ♥ that spider

by Shortstuff.

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sarahlsunter73 257 days ago Reply

The webbing is spot on ^ u ^

slayergrlotakubae 257 days ago Reply

good job


by Brandon Ketch.

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Gina Manis 2 years ago Reply

beautiful lines, brandon.

Written in Webbing

by David Foreman.

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T Nami 2 years ago Reply

The quote written in the lower webbing looks awesome!

Light the Night

by Exit8.

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Balloons 2

by BRed_BT.

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Venice Frances Pemble 2 years ago Reply

Too cute! :3

BRed_BT 2 years ago