Steven Universe Design Contest 2


by Erika Howell.

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Jessica Fry last year Reply

how can i buy this shirt

Erika Howell 13 days ago

You can buy it now! Just click on my profile icon

Erika Howell last year

unfortunately it's not a shirt yet :/ stayed tuned till they announce the winners of the contest!

NORN CUTSON last year Reply


Erika Howell last year


Akeboshi last year Reply

This is amazing.

Erika Howell last year

thank you!!

Akeboshi last year

And perfectly sized to fit a shirt!

Helen Martin last year Reply

This is just gorgeous!! Well done!

Erika Howell last year

Thank you c:

Storm Corrow last year Reply

i love it!

Erika Howell last year

Thank you so much!

Furby7749 last year Reply

this is just absolutely perfect, you got my 5 star rating already

Erika Howell last year

Suhweeet! Thank you!

PulsefireKitten last year Reply

Love this ;w;

Erika Howell last year

thanks! c:

Dresden last year Reply


Erika Howell last year


She is Made of Love

by heytherechief.

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Princess Vanessa 93 days ago Reply


TheArtist 101 days ago Reply


Ines last year Reply

Is this design still in sale? I would love to have it :)

rachel ward last year Reply

This is so fucking MAJESTIC I love this so much omg

heytherechief last year

Ahh! Thank you so much - you're so sweet to say so ahhHH!!!!

mitx2 last year Reply

This is my favourite illustration of Garnet (&Ruby&Sapphire) ever and I am so glad you submitted it to the contest!!! And I am even happier to finally know who drew it!!! Best luck with the contest because I sooooo want this shirt!

heytherechief last year

Hey dude thanks a lot!!! You're really kind to say so, that makes me feel great! I hope you can have this shirt as well!! Thank you very much for the kind and awesome words!!

sketchingsnowy last year Reply


heytherechief last year

AH! Thanks a bunch dude - you're so sweet!!

Peridoka Magica

by Supernal Realm.

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laney 107 days ago Reply

OMG LOVE THE CONCEPT (sorry) Great design!

Neat Treat

by Shortstuff.

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sarahlsunter73 131 days ago Reply

Cookie Cat!!! ^( ' w ' )^

slayergrlotakubae 131 days ago Reply

super cute!!

Brave Space Warrior

by Shortstuff.

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sarahlsunter73 131 days ago Reply

So cuuute!! Poor cookiecat :'''(

Lion's Mane

by Bethan Charles.

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bob gao 140 days ago Reply


Daisy Castaneda 165 days ago Reply

How do I order this?! Its beautiful!!

FaustyFaust last year Reply


Bethan Charles last year

thank you!

Akeboshi last year Reply

This is such a well executed idea!

Bethan Charles last year

You're a well executed idea!!! (I mean that in a good way)