Homestuck Design Contest 3


by Dragonnova.

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Miss Eri 71 days ago Reply

Hello there darling! I was wondering if by chance you would be designing an Aquarius design like this or any of the other zodiacs for that matter? I've only seen virgo,cancer and gemini.

Desbe Greenstein 332 days ago Reply


Bridie Damisch 336 days ago Reply

I cannot express how much I want this. This is my favorite thing. I'm so glad you made one for Virgos in addition to the Gemini and Cancer ones from last year!

gamerj1998 337 days ago Reply

This deserves so many damn stars

misguidedSalvation 340 days ago Reply

I follow you on tumblr and I love your art! I'd looove to have a shirt with your design on it!!!!! @w@

Dragonnova 339 days ago

HIII!! Thank you so much!! For following me and for the support! ~hugs!!!

Hojas 346 days ago Reply

wooaaa its extremely beautiful! really well done and good luck! :)

Dragonnova 341 days ago

Lol also sorry I just replied again I am so out of it. Finals killed my brain. But still signing in and seeing your message made me happy again XD

Dragonnova 341 days ago

Thank you!!

Dragonnova 346 days ago

Thank you so much!!

swaggiejay 347 days ago Reply

a BEAUTIFUL design and a super good use of your negative space.not to mention we always need more art of our girls. good luck!

Dragonnova 346 days ago

Oh wow thank you! The negative space is always a bit tricky, so I'm really glad you like it. Thank you so much!

Black Heart

by Sapphire Dragons.

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oppaiboss 228 days ago Reply

yes please! I love it on the shirt!

Sapphire Dragons 99 days ago

well the good news is its coming out on a shirt soon! :D I'm so glad you like it!

nicole e 275 days ago Reply

wow. i LOVE that drawing. snowman is a very cool character. you depicted her sassy elegance very well!!!

Sapphire Dragons 247 days ago

thank you v much!! :>

Audra O 286 days ago Reply


Sapphire Dragons 279 days ago


GermanyxItaly 286 days ago Reply

Love this

Sapphire Dragons 279 days ago

thank you!

purple beans 322 days ago Reply

I'd love to wear this!

Sapphire Dragons 314 days ago

aa thank u! i wish u could

Christopher Hennes 324 days ago Reply

NICE! I'd buy one!

Sapphire Dragons 314 days ago


Sam Artisan 326 days ago Reply

Oh man that smoke is just super super cool. Really excellent composition!

Sapphire Dragons 314 days ago

thank you sm!

Kiely King 341 days ago Reply

100% would buy. Love the spade-smoke. Need more Snowman in my life.

Sapphire Dragons 340 days ago

thank you!

BRO Strider Daki

by Sgt-Spank.

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AquaGam 135 days ago Reply

getting this for my girlfriend XD

Calicorn 146 days ago Reply

Can't believe this terrifying thing even won somehow.

Jenny Langton 150 days ago Reply

just yess its needed

Jenny Langton 150 days ago Reply

just yes

Amparo Garcia 258 days ago Reply

But how do you Vote? And where? Or is it over?

Sgt-Spank 252 days ago

They still arent sure if they can produce it. Thanks for your patience! I hope by the time that it DOES come out, you are still interested!

Amparo Garcia 258 days ago Reply


kayla 273 days ago Reply

That might have been a little TMI... heh heh sorry!

kayla 273 days ago Reply

OH MY GOSH!!! He looks so sexy~! This is just what I need! boyfriend recently broke up with me and I realized that I have been acting a little...*AHEM* horny since he and I first started and now I can"t get rid of the thought of him but with Dirk I bet he can help me feel better~ ;) I need someone to cuddle with!

Sgt-Spank 273 days ago Reply

Hopefully soon, friends.

Toshy3 Lion 274 days ago Reply

why isn't this something to be bought? I'd buy it

Tec Dawson 275 days ago Reply


Julia Dawson 278 days ago Reply

This is so beautiful... buuut I'd be embarrassed to own it.

Boom Diamond 280 days ago Reply


sickbeatdown 281 days ago Reply

like plz can i just have this now

sickbeatdown 281 days ago Reply

i wanna fuck this body pillow

Hikaru Rabago 288 days ago Reply

The smuppet... I'll get it because of Dirk tho. HOT DAMN!

Horuss ♐ 288 days ago Reply

I want to cuddle so much...

Sgt-Spank 288 days ago

He wants to cuddle too. Just look at that face.

stealthyScarecrow 301 days ago Reply

oh my gerd...

greenzor 314 days ago Reply

i wasn't aware i really needed this, i'd get it but those smuppets are scary

Riley Emerson 315 days ago Reply


Sgt-Spank 315 days ago


Dave Clark 316 days ago Reply

ok but i fucking need this in my life

Dave Clark 316 days ago Reply

ok but i fucking need this in my life

ToxicGears 322 days ago Reply


Tec Dawson 323 days ago Reply

I would spend all of my money on this.

Snowpaw122 335 days ago Reply

I don't know whether I need this or not- I'll give it five stars for confusing me.

Sgt-Spank 335 days ago


Harmony 335 days ago Reply

Is that... a beach towel? A body pillow cover? Whatever it is, it's very cleverly done and awesome artwork. Even if it does disturb me.

Sgt-Spank 335 days ago

Def a body pillow! BUT THANK YOU!

PrinceDirk 336 days ago Reply

My n e e d s

Jasmine Mueller 337 days ago Reply

omfg so clever with the smuppet

Sgt-Spank 336 days ago

Thank you!!! OvO

Sgt-Spank 338 days ago Reply

Quit acting like children in my comments box, please and thank you.

gamerj1998 339 days ago Reply

No, no, no, no, NO!

Odd Lalonde 338 days ago

Yes, yes, yes, yes YES!

Tristan Letscher 339 days ago Reply

no oh my god no

Odd Lalonde 339 days ago

but, have you considered... yes???

kiki tomtom 340 days ago Reply

I NEED IT......seriously i hope this wins SO BAD

Nepeta Leijon 341 days ago Reply


Eridan Ampora 345 days ago Reply

I would very seriously buy this.

Sgt-Spank 345 days ago

Yesss!!! I'm so glad!

Baby Vriska 345 days ago Reply

I am ashamed to say that I need this

Sgt-Spank 345 days ago

Dont be ashamed, doll. 345 days ago Reply

Dude this is so good and I hope it wins holy shit... Great work on it man!!!

Sgt-Spank 345 days ago

Thanks loads, my dude!

MossPath;3 346 days ago Reply

A:Im confused, why hate on a character here? You nall do know the original character is of Andrew Hussie's work. B: I really love your art and think this is pretty dang cool

Sgt-Spank 346 days ago

Thank you very much! Means a lot! :>

Sgt-Spank 346 days ago Reply

Moving on now. No more drama. This is not the place.

Witch of Breath 346 days ago Reply

He beat Dave every day until Dave mentally and emotionally broke

Sgt-Spank 346 days ago

Continue to harrass me and I will legit have no choice but to report you, fam.

Sgt-Spank 346 days ago

Nobody ever said he didnt. Leave my comment box alone. Take your bitterness elsewhere. This is not the place for that.

Aldous P 346 days ago Reply

Whoa. This is an art/design contest, not a 'Who's your favorite character' competition. No need for that passive aggression mess you got going on over there.

Sgt-Spank 346 days ago Reply

P.S. Or just downvote the design if you hate it? Either way. Rude comments are unnecessary. Make your statement by rating.

Sgt-Spank 346 days ago Reply

For the record. My comment section is not for hateful back and forths. If you have a problem with me or my design, feel free to take it up with me personally on my tumblr account. This is not a place for negativity and bitter hatred. Be mature.

Witch of Breath 346 days ago Reply

Gosh, Welovefine, what I really want is a sexualized novelty product featuring the image of a child abuser

Kristen 346 days ago

Gosh, witch of breath, it is almost like bro strider is a fictional character and that this pillow is a joke. It is almost like it is not even glorifying him or his deeds.

Sgt-Spank 346 days ago

It's a joke. A gag item. Much like the smuppets. It's comedic. Like, lets say, A massive portion of Homestuck.

AlinaJames 346 days ago Reply

This is what real art is all about. Good luck

Melissa Novak 346 days ago Reply

Love you bro. Looks so awesome! I hope you win babe. You deserve it.

Odd Lalonde 347 days ago Reply

How could anyone give this less then 5 stars? Haters...

Sam Kauk 347 days ago Reply


secretwolvesShadow 347 days ago Reply


Sigourney Martin 347 days ago Reply

I love this????? YES

Sgt-Spank 347 days ago Reply

Felicite do you have an account? If you had to make an account after trying to rate it, your rate already counts!

Felicite Hardy 345 days ago

No, I had an account, it just didn't accept the vote. It went through just now! (omg, this pillow is hilarihotbad.)

Sgt-Spank 347 days ago Reply

WAIT. NO This is the right one. SORRY!

Felicite Hardy 347 days ago

I can't vote on this one, either?

Sgt-Spank 347 days ago Reply


God's Clock


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nicole e 275 days ago Reply


Calicorn 277 days ago Reply

I'm really confused on why this won... but ugh whatever

AquaGam 135 days ago

why are you hating on everyone's designs? They won. Get over it. If you really hate it that much why didn't you downvote when you had the chance. besides, it's not going to look like this when people actually buy it, this is just a design.

Jordan Brohier 330 days ago Reply

Omg i love it is a little sketchy though but i can see the idea

ANDARI 327 days ago

Thank you! And, yes, this is just the first prototype! I didn't have enough time for the final model (no pun intended!)

eternalAvian 330 days ago Reply

welp if this doesnt win imma have to make my own, dont make me do work dammit

ANDARI 327 days ago

I'm glad you like it! It took a while to make, so hopefully you will be able to get it form here soon!

Harmony 335 days ago Reply

Cute concept. Would make a good face app for smart watches.

ANDARI 335 days ago

Thank you! My idea was to have this for the face of any watch or clock that wlf might want to make! (this is only the prototype, but it was done on a chrome clock face)

Kalina Graves 336 days ago Reply

"Hey, what time is it?" *glances sideways at clock* Doom.

ANDARI 336 days ago

"What time is it?" "The void" - "What time is it" "Well, the clock says heart but that can't be true because [insert name of person asking] don't have one" (ooooohhhhh)

otakathon 336 days ago Reply

maybe if I had this i'd actually be on time for once lmao

ANDARI 336 days ago

On Time? Or on Breath? Or on space? ... (on and on forever. the forever pun.) 336 days ago Reply

P l e a s e

ANDARI 336 days ago

Doing the best I can! I did my part and now it's up to the public to decide!

queerIntrospect 336 days ago Reply


ANDARI 336 days ago

Let's hope you get the chance!

silentApocalypse 336 days ago Reply


ANDARI 336 days ago

Haha, thank you!

memeMagician 337 days ago Reply

Oh my goodness please let this win i would buy this

ANDARI 336 days ago

I'm glad you like it!

Nepeta Leijon 337 days ago Reply


ANDARI 336 days ago

Hopefully you'll be able to get one!

Waanmo 341 days ago Reply

Very nice idea!!

ANDARI 341 days ago

Thank you!!

Linnëa Ancalimë 342 days ago Reply

I need this clock in my life.

ANDARI 341 days ago

Thank you! Hopefully you will be able to have it soon!

jessie_meryl 343 days ago Reply

this is brilliant!

ANDARI 343 days ago

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!

Baby Vriska 345 days ago Reply

this is a really gr8 idea!

ANDARI 345 days ago

Thank you so much!


by cosmicArtist.

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Brannon Moore 329 days ago Reply

God, I want this so bad, but the ratings aren't doing so well. In the future if you submit it again, I highly recommend taking out the green rectangle. It makes the design too solid and isn't quite easy on the eyes.

cosmicArtist 137 days ago

good idea o0o

Harmony 335 days ago Reply

So cute!

Sanakitty 340 days ago Reply

Oh man, so cute

satrox yrass 344 days ago Reply

I really liked them as a centaurs! this is so awesome!

cosmicArtist 344 days ago

why thank you :D


by TetraTheRipper.

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shoop sheep 137 days ago Reply


Jasmine Mueller 337 days ago Reply

jegus YES

Aepokk 338 days ago Reply


Tristan Letscher 339 days ago Reply

hot dang

meruz 340 days ago Reply

this looks SO GOOD DANG

Sam Nicole 341 days ago Reply

this is gorgeous!!

Ruben 343 days ago Reply

I would love this in my room!!!

hcbchibi 345 days ago Reply

Hooooly shit that is some gorgeous art!

Deadly Penguin 347 days ago Reply

I would love this!!

betheshades 347 days ago Reply

Absolutely NEED

kibbynbits 347 days ago Reply

im in love with this i would definitely buy it..

IndustrialRage 348 days ago Reply

So cool!